Monday, February 17, 2014

Salted Eggs

These salted chicken eggs are great with a warm bowl of congee.  The yolk is less rich and oily than a duck egg but still has the salty graininess.  The whites are just the same.

4 parts water by volume (determine how much liquid you will need to cover the number of eggs to be salted in the container you will be using)
1 part Kosher salt by volume

Wash eggs.

In a saucepan heat water and salt until all the salt has dissolved.  Let cool to room temperature.

Place eggs in a clean sterile jar and pour salt water over eggs.  Add optional flavorants* to the jar.  The eggs will float.  Fill a small sealable plastic with water and place over the eggs to submerge them in the brine solution.

Seal lid on jar and store in a dark cool place for 30 days.

Remove eggs from brine, wipe clean and store in refrigerator until use.

I like to soft boil these by covering the eggs with water in a pan, bringing the water to a boil, then turning off the heat and letting the hot water sit with the eggs for 4-5mins.  Remove the eggs and rinse them in a bowl of cold water.

*Some optional addins:
star anise
sichuan peppercorns
tea leaves
splash of white cooking wine